About Us

HMS is a growing network of agencies and offices focused on helping builders capture more new home sales, through better partnerships with Realtors and through the use of key strategic data gathered in the local marketplace. HMS has been helping the homebuilding industry since 1988.

Realtor Services provided by HMS helps "move the needle" from resale to new home orientation in general; furthermore, HMS helps motivate individual agents to work with builder clients consistently. Learn more about MLS Services and other Realtor support

HMS Reports gather and report building permit activity and home closing information at the builder and community level to show trends and opportunities for clients. Whether for review or decision-making, the ability to see actual recorded sales data (from courthouse records) or recent building permits purchased within the service area (directly from the issuing office) has kept our clients ahead of competition and positioned for success. Learn more about HMS Reports

BuildFAX reports regularly update subscribers with new permit activity in several business segments within the local marketplace, thereby allowing for timely sales activities and decision-making based on actual events. Since 1988, our staff has done the "nitty-gritty" permit data collection from field offices to provide subscribers competitive data or business leads. Learn more about BuildFAX reports

Meet The Staff

At HMS, we bring together a wide variety of experiences and expertise to provide clients with a high level of service in project level activities and providing excellent daily service.

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