Why do businesses care about building permits and the information they provide? Why do businesses care about Buildfax? Because building permits are all about delivering to businesses like yours insight and opportunity – the insight and opportunity to build your business!

Example BuildFax Report (pdf)

Example BuildFax Report (Excel)

What insight?

Building permits tell you what construction activity is planned by region. Building permits help businesses because they are a leading indicator of the strength of local businesses by letting you know what work is being planned before the work begins. And by tracking permit activity by municipality, businesses can see construction activity by region, helping them better understand where growth is occurring, at what rate, and how that compares to previous periods.

What opportunity?

Looking for sales contacts? Building permits contain a wealth of information. Residential new construction permits include the name of the builder, a contact number, and an approximate value of the project.

Taken together, Insight and Opportunity will help you answer the following questions:

  1. I want to grow my business. How can I find out which builders are generating the most activity?
  2. I want to expand my business. How do I know where growth is going to occur by county?
  3. How do I find out which residential builder is getting the most permits by region?
  4. I am a subcontractor or supplier to a local builder. How can I be certain I know which jobs I should be getting? What share of that builder’s market am I getting, and what share are my competitors getting?
  5. How do permits compare to the same period last year or 2 years ago? Are there signs that the market is under or over developed?

Buildfax is published bi-weekly and covers Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren Counties. Subscriptions can be purchased yearly and the report is available in PDF or Excel formats. Excel format is database ready and can be quickly converted into mailing labels for quick lead generation. Want more? Then consider Buildfax Elite. This package includes PDF (great for archiving) and Excel formats as well as a monthly summary and year to date (YTD) totals of permits by county.


BuildFax Product/Services
PDF Only $360
Excel Only $425
BuildFax Elite $475

Prices are based on a yearly subscription.  Tax not included.

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