MLS Services

Consider the following….

Realtors represent a sales force of thousands, and a prospecting net to millions of consumers.

Our client statistics prove that when Realtors bring buyers to new home communities, they convert to sales at 20% to 25% or higher; this can be 3 – 10 times greater sales conversion than a prospect who comes directly from other efforts.

Just "being listed" is not the best cost return. Realtors want accurate, consistent information; they want simple-to-show appointment coordination; they need to understand what they are showing and have confidence in the builder partnership to provide the best solution for their buyer.

We help bridge information and logistical gaps that often occur in the new home showing and sales process assisted by Realtors. What happens if a builder representative is not available for an appointment call? If someone is not on-site during a tour stop? If a Realtor is unable to get a question answered during a discussion about choices in the market? What will an agent do if they feel unsure about new home construction or processes and they have other choices to present?

We help you make the contacts and sales opportunities you never knew you were missing!

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"Your Department of Realtor Relations"

For over 20 years, HMS has provided listing services to builders who want to maximize potential business from Realtors. From a centralized facility for call management and data entry, to experienced staff and broker representation in all markets, HMS truly represents the builder's "In-house agency". Because we only list new homes (no resale or selling activity), we are not a competitor to local Realtor agencies. In short, we are the lowest cost/highest return on investment for generating quality prospects.

Realtors bring a valuable layer of qualification to builder traffic generation. Their prospect is already grade "A" ready, willing, and able to buy the homes they are reviewing. Realtors represent a tangible audience and reach for sales propositions, but efforts must show respect for their process and client orientation…the right time for them is when they need specifics (which is why MLS is a part of their process and routine) for current circumstances.

Learn more about what Realtors and Builders are thinking from exclusive HMS surveys.

Our operating model is built around maximizing the interest of the real estate community in a home listed through HMS, in tight coordination of scheduling and showing inquiries by agents who work with a builder representative, and in providing support data to showings that helps builders adjust product, pricing and promotion for ever-increasing success.

Our clients' listing information is shared with numerous new home databases all around the country:,, yahoo classified,, The housing page, and dozens of other sites... all of which get the most detailed listing information from our listing data entry.

HMS can manage feedback on builder listings, provide supplemental support to Realtor interaction with builders that creates more interaction and opportunity, and provide these services at costs which cannot be matched any other way. We are a sales catalyst between the builder and the Real Estate community.

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